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ClipCache Pro

Clipcache Pro is a powerful information gathering tool
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ClipCache is an effective Clipboard extender that not only monitors the clipboard activity but also cleans up and modifies the clips, making it very powerful. It has a Windows look and feel making it user friendly. Clips can be retrieved using keyboard, mouse, and favorite clip option, recently used clip option, etc., or using hotkeys. It also has powerful paste and text editing options.

Clipcache monitors all the activities on the Clipboard and automatically saves all the contents so that the user can retrieve it any time without any loss. It can store multiple clips at a time and also has options to organize clips into folders. The user can also edit clips using clean up options, and can configure hotkeys from the system tray for fast access.

The application has various utilities like enhanced clipboard, fast access to clips and retrieval tool. Clipcache has three parts namely folder pane, clip pane and preview pane. Folder pane helps to organize and show folders. Clip pane displays all the clips in the specified folder, and Preview folder displays the particular clip that is selected. Clipcache allows the sorting of clips by name, date, etc. It automatically deletes old clips and organizes the clipboard.

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  • Powerful operation with Windows feeling


  • No apparent drawbacks
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